Sunday, November 2, 2014

Winners of the Portraiture in the 21st Century Competition!

Juror Ellen Wallenstein has made her final selections for the photo competition. Many thank to all those who entered. The exhibit will be open to the public on Friday, November 7th, on the first floor of Kindlon Hall, at Benedictine University, in Lisle, IL. The exhibit will be on display through the end of December. The winners are as follows:
Alejandro Moreno Alanis = Use Kodak film
Andrew Auten = Auten 26
Claudia Berlinski = Madonna Berlinski
Timothy S. Kump= Image 3
Carlos Colorado = San Salvador 1
Eulalio Fabie de Silva = Mikey
Mary Ann Lynch = Samoan Woman
Jeane McGrail = McGrail (woman as Madonna)
Izabela Mieszczanska = Man in Blue, Have No Fear, Inside Out & Jadwiga
Miguel Servellon = Miguel Servellon
John Sevigny = Cojute
Gayle Stevens = Know Thy Self
Beatrice K. Turner = Infant Logic, Doll
Phillip J. Turner = Merge 3
Susana Veloz = Japan Post 1, Collage 8
Ryan Muldowny = Self portrait Muldwony

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